Floods and Infectious Diseases

What is flood? Flood is an overflow of water that can submerge land. Now, how can flood affect the people of a specific place? The overflow of water that submerges the land can swallow you, your house and everything. Isn’t it? Hence floods can cause huge devastation. But, is this the only way that floods can affect humans? No. Floods can also lead to dangerous infectious diseases. Remember, the flood that devastated Kerala the last year? It was known as “the flood of the century” and in that flood, it was Leptospirosis, the bacteria borne disease which took the lives of many. Hence, floods can affect you in many ways. Infectious diseases usually occur as an aftermath of floods. Let’s see the major communicable diseases that can occur as a result of floods.

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Infectious Diseases due to Floods

Floods can lead to dangerous infectious diseases that can affect your health very badly. Water-borne diseases and vector-born…

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