Dangers of Consuming Raw Milk

Milk, one of the crucial food items which we cannot avoid. The main reason behind this is the nutritional value that milk provides to your body. Hence, milk is way too crucial. But what if you drink raw milk? i.e., unpasteurized milk? No, you will not get the same result that pasteurized milk provides. Raw milk leads to various health issues and it is about these issues we are dealing with this article. Come on, let’s see.

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Note: We highly recommend Doctors in Kozhikode if you are facing any serious illness related to raw milk.

What is Raw Milk or Unpasteurized Milk?

First of all, what is pasteurized milk? Pasteurization is the process of heating milk up to a specific temperature to kill harmful bacteria and other unwanted materials in the milk. Remember, these bacteria may be responsible for diseases like Typhoid, Cholera, Tuberculosis, Listeriosis, Diphtheria, etc. It is this pasteurized milk we use for household purpo…

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The Irritating Head Blast-Migraine

A headache that occurs on one side of your head. A headache that makes you irritated in all aspects. Migraine, a serious type of headache that troubles many. It is found that globally 15% of people are affected by migraines. If you are a person consistently attacked by migraine, don’t be late to consult a general physician doctor and take the required treatments.  Many doctors in Kozhikode are best in migraine treatments. Hospitals in Kozhikode like Aster MIMS, Baby Memorial Hospital, Fathima Hospital, National Hospital, Kozhikode Medical College, etc. provide good treatment for migraines.

Headache Phases and Symptoms of Migraine

Migraines occur in four phases-Prodrome Phase, Aura Phase, Pain Phase, and Postdrome Phase. But it is found that not all people affected by migraines go through all these four phases.

Postdrome Phase:

The postdrome phase occurs in 60% of people with migraines. This phase occurs 2-3 days or some hours before the st…

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Dr Ronald Ross and the Deadly Malaria

High fever, headache, nausea and vomiting, muscle pain and fatigue, shivering and sweating, abdominal pain, and coughing. Wondering what this is? These are the symptoms of Malaria, the deadly disease which took the lives of many years ago. But people of that time had no idea about the transmission of this killer disease. Here comes Dr Ronald Ross and he had something to do with this issue. Who is Dr Ronald Ross? What is the connection between Dr Ronald Ross and Malaria? This article will give you answers to all these queries.

Note: We recommend hospitals in Kozhikode such as Aster MIMS, Baby Memorial Hospital, Fathima Hospital, National Hospital, and Kozhikode Medical College etc for better Malaria treatment.

Who is Dr Ronald Ross? Dr Ronald Ross

Ronald Ross was a British doctor. He is famous for winning the Nobel prize for Physiology or Medicine in the year 1902. Ronald Ross was born on 13 May 1857 in Almora, India. He was the eldest son of Sir Ca…

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Impact of Climate Change In Human Health

Before getting into the topic, let’s discuss two terms- Weather and Climate. Many are still committing mistakes believing that both the terms are the same. But there is a significant difference between the two. Weather refers to the short term changes in the Atmosphere. On the other hand, Climate describes the Weather for a long period of time. Here we discuss Climate change and how it affects human health and life.

The Changing Climate

When does Climate change occur? Climate change occurs when the Earth’s Climate System ( Atmosphere, hydrosphere, Cryosphere, Biosphere, and Lithosphere) result in new Weather patterns that end for a few decades or millions of years. This changing climate also affects human health and hygiene. Climate change results in warming temperatures, changes in precipitation, increasing the intensity of some extreme weather events and rising sea levels. All these factors lead to ferocious problems which will really affect human beings very…

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Monsoon Diseases and its Prevention

As always, monsoon brings some diseases too. Most of the diseases are mosquitoes born disease and spreads easily because of different reasons. This is the beginning of monsoon and this is the best time to take prevention on the upcoming monsoon diseases.

During monsoon season, our immune system is getting weaker. Thus it is easy to get affected by monsoon diseases. There are diseases that can be cured at home with a doctor’s guidance and there are some life-threatening diseases too. Now let’s discuss some of the monsoon diseases and how it spreads.

Viral Fever: It is one of the most common symptoms we all possess throughout a year. But it is more in the monsoon season. Severe fever, cold, cough and throat pain, body pain especially joint pain are some common symptoms. This can be last up to 6 to 7 days. Consult a doctor if you have these symptoms and mostly doctor advises bed rest for some days.

Prevention to viral fever is as simple as that to…

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Kidney Health for Everyone Everywhere, Know your Kidney Well

We all know, the kidneys are so important. But why? Let's know why kidney and kidney health is important. Kidneys are a pair of a bean-shaped organ located under the rib as one on each side of the spine and are responsible for clearing wastes from the body. Your kidneys also remove the acids produced by cells and maintain a healthy chemical balance of the body. And you know, your kidneys process 200 quartz of blood every day and filter minerals and removes wastes and extra water. This extra water is changed into the urine, which flows to the bladder and keeps it until you go to the bathroom.

Do you know the roles and responsibilities of your kidneys? Your kidneys

Make urineRemove wastes and regulates fluid balance in your bloodRegulating and filtering minerals from the bloodControl your body’s chemical balance Help to control blood pressureHelp in keeping your bones healthyHelps in the production of RBCs

The wastes come from the different parts of t…

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It’s been a Year Nipah Virus Claimed Lives in Kerala

5th of May is one of the darkest days Kerala ever faced and suspecting that the Nipah started with taking the life of Muhammad Sabith from Perambra, Kozhikode. It’s been one year Kerala fought against the deadly virus Nipah.

Nipah virus is a zoonotic virus that is transmitted from animals to humans. Also, that can be transmitted directly between people or through fruits. The recent outbreak was reported in Perambra of Kozhikode district, Kerala. It took 4 lives away from one family only. The report says that 17 lives have been taken away, including the life of an “angel” nurse who sacrificed her life in the battle against Nipah. The spreading of the virus was controlled and stopped with the timely action by health care officials including nurses and doctors in Kozhikode under the health ministry of Kerala.

Beginning of Nipah

The infection was first identified in 1999 among pig farmers in Malaysia and Singapore. And found it is spreading to the people…

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8 Benefits of Drinking Water Every Day

Life began in the water. There will be nothing on the earth if no such a magical compound called water exist. That’s why we search for the possibility of life on other planets by searching for water. We cannot imagine life without water. 71 per cent of our earth's surface is covered with water, that tells louder the importance of this blue compound for living things.

According to the ancient Indian medical science, Water is the Universal Medicine. And now, water is the only compound in the earth that has been given a universal status by WHO(World Health Organisation).

As considered to human beings, 60 per cent of our body consumes water and of course, our blood is 90 per cent of the same. Even though there is no such universally accepted quantity of water to consume daily, it is always better to drink more water in the day time compared to night.  The main point always a doctor says is "stay hydrated and stay healthy".

Here are some benefits of…

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Top Ayurvedic Resorts and Spas in Wayanad, Kerala

God's Own Country- Kerala is rich in its natural beauty and famous for tourist places. Beaches, green forests, plantations, waterfalls rich flora and fauna are so popular among people all around the world. Also, Kerala has the ancient system of healing and alternative medicine, Ayurveda, that has the origin in the vedic culture, before 5000 years.

You can find top Ayurveda hospitals in Kerala for common people. Most of the Ayurveda doctors in Kozhikode, wayanad and Malappuram offers best services in the hospital atmosphere. Resorts give a different feel in Ayurveda treatment and it is costly as well.

As the term Ayurveda is popular in tourism, many Ayurveda resorts are established in Kerala. Hence it becomes a business more than as a centre for treatment. We discuss four of the top ayurvedic resorts in Wayanad.

Ayurveda Yoga Villa

Ayurveda yoga villa is one of the top ayurveda resorts in Wayanad, Kartikulam. A unique place to experience the…

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