Kidney Health for Everyone Everywhere, Know your Kidney Well

We all know, the kidneys are so important. But why? Let's know why kidney and kidney health is important. Kidneys are a pair of a bean-shaped organ located under the rib as one on each side of the spine and are responsible for clearing wastes from the body. Your kidneys also remove the acids produced by cells and maintain a healthy chemical balance of the body. And you know, your kidneys process 200 quartz of blood every day and filter minerals and removes wastes and extra water. This extra water is changed into the urine, which flows to the bladder and keeps it until you go to the bathroom.

Do you know the roles and responsibilities of your kidneys? Your kidneys

Make urineRemove wastes and regulates fluid balance in your bloodRegulating and filtering minerals from the bloodControl your body’s chemical balance Help to control blood pressureHelp in keeping your bones healthyHelps in the production of RBCs

The wastes come from the different parts of t…

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World’s First Malaria Vaccine Launched in Africa

As we all know, Malaria is one of the most leading killer diseases in the world. According to the World Health Organisation, nearly half of the world’s population is at risk of Malaria and it claims more than 435,000 lives globally every year. And in India, it is fewer than one million cases reported every year. There was no permanent medicine that doctors in the world can suggest for malaria.

The vaccine has been launched in Malawi, a landlocked country in southeast Africa after a long concerted effort over 30 years.

RTS, S/AS01, the world’s first and to date malaria vaccine also known as Mosquirix that has been shown to provide partial protection of malaria in young children. The vaccine can be used to prevent about four in ten malaria cases by acting against Plasmodium Falciparum, the most parasite globally and the most prevalent in the African continent. Malawi is the first country in Africa where RTS, S is to be made available to children up to…

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Summer Fruits You Should Include in Your Diet for Healthy Life

2019 is on track to become the hottest year ever and we are all going to pass through. As the climate is hard, it is essential to pay enormous attention to our health. Otherwise one must have to suffer the consequences such as dehydration, skin sensitivities, and vitamin and mineral deficiencies. But don’t worry, nature has always a solution to every problem. That is Fruits. Fruits provide instant energy and help to cool down our body temperature. Also, fruits contain vitamins, minerals and protein etc that is essential for our human body. This is why the doctors in Kerala and around the globe suggest to include fruits in our daily diet hence we can get maximum benefits.

Now, Let’s discuss some of the fruits that should be included in your daily diet this summer.


People affectionately call Mango as the King of fruits in India. Its fragrance and mouth-watering taste make more lovable among the people of Southeast Asia. Moreover, Mango is the nat…

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Decision to Formulate Guidelines for Cancer Care: Kerala Cancer Care Grid

Kerala Cancer Grid is a well established voluntary association of hospitals engaged in cancer care. Recently, they held a meeting at Kochi regarding cancer care treatment of Kerala. And they concluded by taking a decision to formulate guidelines for cancer care and treatments in the state.

The guidelines defined mainly to concentrate on primary prevention and early detection of cervix, oral cavity and breast cancers by 15% and improve cure rates.

As many as 65 oncologists from both public and private sectors representing regional cancer centres, medical colleges, and private hospitals effectively participated in the meeting. An online discussion forum was created in eight common cancers such as brain cancer, head and neck cancers, breast cancer, lungs cancer, gastrointestinal, gynaecology, sarcoma and lymphoma and leukaemia in Kerala. The meeting gave predominant consideration for the standard of care for common cancer treatment and how it can be cured. …

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