Dr. Sasidharan, A Gifted Pediatrician and a Gem of a Person

Dr. Sasidharan C. K Child specialist in Calicut

Calicut, the core of the Malabar region. The place that gifted many talented people to the world, may it be in any field. From Vasco Da Gama’s entry to the overcoming of the deadly Nipah, Calicut is known for many. Dr. Sasidharan, whose name is a buzz all over Kerala also comes from this historic place. In Calicut, people with no idea about this talented physician will be very less. That much is the popularity this great physician has achieved. This article is about Dr. Sasidharan, a talented physician.

Dr. Sasidharan is a well-known pediatrician in Calicut. His sincerity and commitment in this field have earned him terrific fame in Calicut. He is currently working as a pediatrician at Baby Memorial Hospital, Calicut. He started a clinic in Meledath Colony, Chakkorathukulam, Calicut and gained a huge positive response from people. This is another reason for his success. Starting a clinic and making it a success i…

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