Wherever the art of Medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity

– Hippocrates

These popular words were delivered by Hippocrates, the great Greek physician. These words clearly show how much value is the field of medicine for people and that is why the majority of children claims that they want to become a doctor when we ask them what their ambition is. The success of a doctor is accomplished, when he/she earns the trust of the people. There is no big achievement other than that. Yes, awards and achievements also prove worth but are not valuable than people’s trust and belief. Dr Pavithran, a dermatologist in Kozhikode is such a doctor who proved his worth in the medical field and is one of the well-trusted doctors in Kozhikode.

Who is Dr Pavithran?

Dr Pavithran.K. is a successful physician based in Kozhikode. His core field is Dermatology. Dermatology is the branch of medicine dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of skin. He is currently working as a skin specialist in Aster MIMS Hospital, Kozhikode. Dr Pavithran is a great physician carrying valuable knowledge and information with him. His brilliance in the field of Dermatology has made him one of the dependable doctors in Kozhikode. He has years of experience in this field which is one of the main reasons for his success. He also has a clinic in Panikkar Road, Nadakkavu, Kozhikode which also runs with a very good profit.

Dr Pavithran took his MBBS, DVD, and MD from Kozhikode Medical College. He has worked in all the medical colleges of Kozhikode, Trivandrum, Kottayam, and Alappuzha which is a tremendous working record not achieved by many. This itself proves the amount of experience and knowledge that he possesses. He was also a PG examiner for various universities. He attained his MNAMS (National Academy Medical Sciences Delhi) in the year 1996.

The current list of best doctors in Kozhikode is incomplete without the name of Dr Pavithran. He has been such an asset to the field of medicine especially in the field of Dermatology. He used all the knowledge he acquired through his degree, research and experience for the welfare of people. His treatments for several skin problems like skin allergy, scar removal, skin upliftment, skin lightening, hair loss, etc. are gaining good reviews.

Doctor as an Author:

Dr Pavithran found success not only as a doctor but also as an author. He has written in several publications which also gained a huge positive response. He is the chief editor of Indian Journal of Dermatology Venereology Leprology. Some of his works as an author are listed below:

  • Textbook of Dermatology for Medical Students
  • Author of chapters in API Textbook of Medicine
  • Author of chapters in Drug Formulary- IMA

Awards and Achievements:

For being an outstanding doctor and a kind-hearted human being, Dr Pavithran has been honoured with various awards and achievements. The awards and achievements he gained are listed below:

  • Best Doctor Award from the Government of Kerala
  • Best Teacher Award from Calicut University
  • Glaxo Oration Award for Best Teacher
  • Honoured as Professor Emeritus by Government of Kerala
  • Amala Dermatology Oration Award 2010
  • Dr Alexander Memorial Oration Award by IMA AMS 1997
  • Has 280 publications in national and international journals
  • Has editorial publications of 30 books


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A person will not become a successful doctor after simply attaining the MBBS degree. For that, you should earn the trust and belief of the people and unless you earn that, the “doctor” tag with your name will just remain as an ordinary word. Physicians like Dr Pavithran is a blessing for our society. The service he is doing to our society is that much valuable. Many people in our surroundings have brilliant work records, knowledge and experience. But just think, if you are not utilizing those, then what is the purpose of all the knowledge, experience and records you achieved? Dr Pavithran is different here. He is using all the knowledge and experience he acquired for many useful purposes. The majority of the people around us are having a Dr Pavithran inside them. But the problem is that they are not bringing it out. Try to bring out that quality, energy, hard work, sincerity and dedication in you and surely our society will be blessed with many people like Dr Pavithran.

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