As always, monsoon brings some diseases too. Most of the diseases are mosquitoes born disease and spreads easily because of different reasons. This is the beginning of monsoon and this is the best time to take prevention on the upcoming monsoon diseases.

During monsoon season, our immune system is getting weaker. Thus it is easy to get affected by monsoon diseases. There are diseases that can be cured at home with a doctor’s guidance and there are some life-threatening diseases too. Now let’s discuss some of the monsoon diseases and how it spreads.

Viral Fever: It is one of the most common symptoms we all possess throughout a year. But it is more in the monsoon season. Severe fever, cold, cough and throat pain, body pain especially joint pain are some common symptoms. This can be last up to 6 to 7 days. Consult a doctor if you have these symptoms and mostly doctor advises bed rest for some days.

Prevention to viral fever is as simple as that to just avoid wetting in the rain. And avoid close contact with the patient and make sure the patient washes their hand frequently by using soap.

Malaria: One of the most dangerous diseases that kill many people in India especially in the rainy season. Fever at regular intervals, shivering, muscle pain and weakness are the main symptoms that one can show while suffering from Malaria. One should definitely consult a doctor immediately and take treatment. In India, 666/1000 deaths are reported annually in India.

Bite Prevention is one of the methods as female mosquitoes spread Malaria. So make sure there is no such stagnant water for mosquitoes to breed in your surroundings. Also, can take an antimalarial tablet if necessary after a checkup.

Mosquitoes spread Malaria and Dengue Fever

Dengue Fever: Dengue fever is a life-threatening disease spread by mosquitoes. More commonly known symptoms are sudden and high fever, severe headache, pain behind the eyes, severe joint and muscle pain, fatigue, nausea, etc. Preventing mosquitoes is the only way to restrict the Dengue.

Cholera: It is a water-borne disease causing severe diarrhea and dehydration. Bacteria called Vibrio cholerae is the main cause. Consuming contaminated food and water leads to get affected by this disease. Cholera symptoms include watery diarrhoea, vomiting, rapid heartbeat, dry mouth, and low blood pressure, etc. The only way to prevent cholera, make sure you have pure food and water to eat and drink.

Jaundice: Monsoon is the occasion of consuming contaminated food and water unknowingly. This leads to weakness, yellowing of eyes, yellow urine, abdominal pain, pale stools, and vomiting, etc if you are threatened by Jaundice. The yellow colored waste material called Bilirubin in the blood spreading causes yellow discolouration of eyes and skin. This can affect the liver very badly. Take hepatitis vaccine, avoid heavy alcohol consumption, maintain a healthy weight and cholesterol, etc can prevent jaundice.

Chikungunya: Chikungunya is also a mosquito spreading disease.  Aedes albopictus mosquitoes spread Chikungunya by biting us in the bright daylight. If you keep stagnant water in your house or workplace premises, you are setting up the environment for mosquitoes to breed. Let’s prevent all mosquito spreading diseases by cleaning our premises regularly. Also, use a/c rooms or windows screens to keep the mosquitoes outside the house.

Typhoid: Another water born disease usually comes in monsoon season. Typhoid is also a bacterial disease transmitted through consuming contaminated water and food. Typhoid infection can remain in the gall bladder even after the patient gets cured. A typhoid patient shows symptoms such as prolonged fever, severe abdomen pain, and headache. As this is a communicable deadly disease, the patient will be shifted to an isolated ward in the hospital. The patient should follow instructions such as keep the body hydrated even after the treatment.

” Prevention is better than cure! ”

Let’s take precautions before the monsoon diseases arise. Let’s clean the surroundings and stay away from mosquitoes. And let’s welcome a healthy and happy monsoon.

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