Baby Memorial Hospital (BMH) is one of the best super specialty hospitals in Calicut. The great visionary of BMH is “affordable, accessible and quality healthcare for all”. Dr. K G Alexander was made a reality in 1987 with the initiation of Baby Memorial Hospital (BMH). A tribute to late KC Varghese (known as ‘baby’), father of Dr. K G Alexander, the Chairman, and Chief Physician, the healing facility has set a benchmark in offering remarkable consideration.

The hospital had only 52 beds when started, Now there is high-tech systems and facilities, which includes:

  • More than 40 Medical and Surgical offices.
  • Uncommon paramedical emotionally supportive network.
  • 16 world-class activity theaters.
  • 11 completely prepared ultramodern ICUs.
  • 24‐hours accident and injury care unit.

The hospital team which expands to 300 doctors and over 2000 nursing, paramedical and administrative staff, the whole team that helps the hospital’s vision and best work. This hospital has a best and efficient leadership team that relentlessly strive to keep up our ideology, more than care.


Leadership Team

Dr. Alexander K.G

Chairman and Managing Director

Dr. K.G. Alexander is the chairman and managing director of Baby Memorial Hospital and also a physician. He is totally committed to caring and striving hard to achieve his vision of Affordable, accessible and quality healthcare for all. He is a doctor who is trying to ensure good quality and health for everyone.


Mrs. Anitha Alexander

Executive Director

Wife of Dr. Alexander. Mrs. Anitha Alexander is also participating in hospital management. Her great effort also useful for values of BMH culture. Three many years of involvement in the doctor’s facility organization helped her enormously in building up a sound learning of the social insurance environment and patient consideration.


Mrs. Gracy Mathai

Chief Executive Officer

40 years of experience in hospital administration. Her graduation in nursing and a postgraduate diploma in hospital administration from Tata institute social science, Mumbai.


Dr. Vineeth Abraham

Director and Chief of Strategy & Planning

Dr. Vineeth Abraham is one of the directors and Cardiothoracic surgeon. His experience and medicinal training have helped him take strategic decisions by utilizing technologies and associating with youthful age care providers. Dr. Vineeth Abraham plays a vital role in international desk to promote a medical tourism.


Dr. Anju Miriam Alex

Director and Chief Operating Officer

She is the director and consulting physician for Baby Memorial Hospital. she goes for a system that is procedure driven and perfect, which pursues strict protocol and rules.


Dr. Sahasranam K. V.

Chief of Medical Services

Dr. K.V. Sahasranam, MD, who always bold to approach for providing better care to the patients. He is also a senior consultant in Cardiology of BMH also holds the responsibility in examining clinical services provided by the hospital. And he plays a leading role in coordinating the entire staff of BMH and also implementing the best clinical care strategy.


Dr. Shaji Thomas John

Chief of Clinical Support Services

Dr. Shaji was the first doctor who joined Baby Memorial Hospital when it started. He was the first Kerala to start the first clinic for children. Perceiving his authoritative qualities combined with sincerity and commitment he was made the Medical Superintendent of the clinic in 1993 and later the Director of Quality Management Services in 2013.


Lt. Col (Retd) Rosily Thomas

Chief Nursing Officer

Lt. Col (Retd) Rosily Thomas is a Director of the Nursing Department, in charge of planning, development, and administration of nursing services. She manages recruitment, training, and retention of nurses at BMH.


Dr. Inderjit P. K.

Asst. Director (Clinical Operations)

Dr. Inderjith joined Baby Memorial Hospital in 2009 as the Deputy Medical Superintendent and dealt with the Medical Operations under the direction of Dr. Shaji Thomas John. Before join BMH, he was managing a multidisciplinary diagnostic center in Bangalore and he also worked in administrator of a  leading hospital in Mumbai.


Mr. Saimon Mathews

Asst. General Manager

Mr. Simon Mathews has a massive involvement in easily managing and carrying forward the everyday activities of BMH. He is the Assistant General Manager in charge of observing the strictness in the operational functions of the hospital.


Medical Specialities

Critical Care

Emergency Medicine

Endocrine Sciences

General Medicine




General Surgery

Dental & Maxillofacial surgery

ENT & Audiology




Radio Diagnosis & Imaging

Diagnostics & Blood bank

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

BMH offers you Hygienic Medical Facilities, outstanding and technically advanced infrastructures designed to meet the essential, secondary and tertiary healthcare needs.


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