Depression Symptoms, Causes and Treatments

Human beings who didn’t go through a rough patch of sadness- Error 404 not found. Yes, it is error 404 not found. Because there are no people who didn’t experience sadness in this universe. It is quite natural. But what if this sadness stays for a long time? It is dangerous. This may lead you to depression. Depression is a serious mood disorder characterized by prolonged feelings of sadness and loss of interest in daily activities. Depression affects your physical and mental health. But don’t get tensed, the majority of depression cases are successfully resolved through various treatments and medications. Many doctors in Kozhikode provide better treatment for depression.

Are You Depressed? | GoMyHealth Symptoms

The symptoms of depression include feeling sad, loss of interest or pleasure in activities once enjoyed, weight loss or gain, sleeping disorder, feeling guilty, thoughts of death or suicide, difficulty in thinking and concentrating, difficulty in deci…

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Dangers of Consuming Raw Milk

Milk, one of the crucial food items which we cannot avoid. The main reason behind this is the nutritional value that milk provides to your body. Hence, milk is way too crucial. But what if you drink raw milk? i.e., unpasteurized milk? No, you will not get the same result that pasteurized milk provides. Raw milk leads to various health issues and it is about these issues we are dealing with this article. Come on, let’s see.

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Note: We highly recommend Doctors in Kozhikode if you are facing any serious illness related to raw milk.

What is Raw Milk or Unpasteurized Milk?

First of all, what is pasteurized milk? Pasteurization is the process of heating milk up to a specific temperature to kill harmful bacteria and other unwanted materials in the milk. Remember, these bacteria may be responsible for diseases like Typhoid, Cholera, Tuberculosis, Listeriosis, Diphtheria, etc. It is this pasteurized milk we use for household purpo…

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Anxiety: The Tension Mode

We are leaving in a busy life. Tensions and worries are part and parcel of our life. People without these feelings and emotions will be less. If you are waiting for your examination result, you will be tensed. If you are waiting for your wife’s delivery you will be tensed. If you have a workload in the office, you will be tensed. Hence, you will be tensed when you are facing some crunch situations in life. right? But what if this becomes serious? Anxiety is such a situation that can lead to huge issues. This article deals with anxiety and its details.

Anxiety and its Symptoms

Anxiety is an emotion including feelings of tensions and worries. In normal cases, it does not require treatment. But if anxiety leads to certain health issues like high blood pressure, treatment is mandatory. Anxiety varies in people. If you are a person with good capability and fitness, anxiety will not be that serious. But, if you are a person with less capability and fitness, anxiety m…

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The Irritating Head Blast-Migraine

A headache that occurs on one side of your head. A headache that makes you irritated in all aspects. Migraine, a serious type of headache that troubles many. It is found that globally 15% of people are affected by migraines. If you are a person consistently attacked by migraine, don’t be late to consult a general physician doctor and take the required treatments.  Many doctors in Kozhikode are best in migraine treatments. Hospitals in Kozhikode like Aster MIMS, Baby Memorial Hospital, Fathima Hospital, National Hospital, Kozhikode Medical College, etc. provide good treatment for migraines.

Headache Phases and Symptoms of Migraine

Migraines occur in four phases-Prodrome Phase, Aura Phase, Pain Phase, and Postdrome Phase. But it is found that not all people affected by migraines go through all these four phases.

Postdrome Phase:

The postdrome phase occurs in 60% of people with migraines. This phase occurs 2-3 days or some hours before the st…

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Dr Ronald Ross and the Deadly Malaria

High fever, headache, nausea and vomiting, muscle pain and fatigue, shivering and sweating, abdominal pain, and coughing. Wondering what this is? These are the symptoms of Malaria, the deadly disease which took the lives of many years ago. But people of that time had no idea about the transmission of this killer disease. Here comes Dr Ronald Ross and he had something to do with this issue. Who is Dr Ronald Ross? What is the connection between Dr Ronald Ross and Malaria? This article will give you answers to all these queries.

Note: We recommend hospitals in Kozhikode such as Aster MIMS, Baby Memorial Hospital, Fathima Hospital, National Hospital, and Kozhikode Medical College etc for better Malaria treatment.

Who is Dr Ronald Ross? Dr Ronald Ross

Ronald Ross was a British doctor. He is famous for winning the Nobel prize for Physiology or Medicine in the year 1902. Ronald Ross was born on 13 May 1857 in Almora, India. He was the eldest son of Sir Ca…

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High Blood Pressure: The Silent Killer

High blood pressure is one of the serious health issues that threaten people in our society. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), high blood pressure is estimated to cause 7.5 million deaths worldwide. The main problem with people is that they will not realize the issues of blood pressure earlier and when they finally realize, it is way too late. High blood pressure if detected earlier, can be lowered using required treatments. So it is recommended to check your blood pressure consistently or at least every two years. High blood pressure can lead to severe problems such as heart attack, stroke and kidney diseases. To escape from these situations or diseases, you should aware of your health and also, must know how to keep your heart healthy.

What is High Blood Pressure? Checking Blood Pressure | GoMyHealth

Before going to high blood pressure, first, let’s see what is blood pressure. Blood pressure is the force of your blood pushing against the si…

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Why You Must Say No to Smoking

“Smoking kills”, “smoking causes cancer”, “smoking is dangerous to your health”. These are some of the common quotes on smoking that you see in everyday life. Even in cigarette packets, these sorts of things are mentioned. But even knowing these facts, our people are still inserting this poisonous smoke into their lungs and run after doctors and hospitals for treatments. Don’t know why. Yes, smoking is injurious to health. If you need a healthy life, quitting smoking is a must. Studies have found that chain smokers are not having that life span as usual people are having. Smoking causes serious health issues and can completely ruin your life. This article is about smoking and its effects on health.

Tobacco is way too Dangerous

Tobacco causes cancer. You had heard this many times. Is it true? Of course, tobacco causes cancer and also leads to many health issues. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), tobacco kills half of its users. WHO also found th…

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Exercise: A Crucial Asset for Healthy Life

A healthy life is a dream of every people in this universe. Life is free of sicknesses, diseases, cholesterol, high blood pressure, etc. But it still remains a dream for many. Isn’t it? Well, the revolution in technology has completely changed the lifestyle of people. The majority of people today are enjoying high facilities that trigger laziness in them and other than their profession, they are not even interested in moving their bodies. Lack of exercise or any physical activity may lead to serious health issues like cancer, diabetes, cholesterol, etc. There is an unbelievable truth that is,

Lack of exercise isnow causingas many deaths as smoking across the world

So to lead a healthy life, physical activity is a must. Exercise is such a physical activity that can boost your health and can help you to maintain your body.

Walking in the morning | GoMyHealth What is Exercise?

Exercise is a physical activity that conditions your body …

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Floods and Infectious Diseases

What is flood? Flood is an overflow of water that can submerge land. Now, how can flood affect the people of a specific place? The overflow of water that submerges the land can swallow you, your house and everything. Isn’t it? Hence floods can cause huge devastation. But, is this the only way that floods can affect humans? No. Floods can also lead to dangerous infectious diseases. Remember, the flood that devastated Kerala the last year? It was known as “the flood of the century” and in that flood, it was Leptospirosis, the bacteria borne disease which took the lives of many. Hence, floods can affect you in many ways. Infectious diseases usually occur as an aftermath of floods. Let’s see the major communicable diseases that can occur as a result of floods.

Tablets for Diseases | GoMyHealth

Infectious Diseases due to Floods

Floods can lead to dangerous infectious diseases that can affect your health very badly. Water-borne diseases and vector-born…

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Skin Specialist in Kozhikode, Dr Pavithran: The Master of Dermatology

" Wherever the art of Medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity"

- Hippocrates

These popular words were delivered by Hippocrates, the great Greek physician. These words clearly show how much value is the field of medicine for people and that is why the majority of children claims that they want to become a doctor when we ask them what their ambition is. The success of a doctor is accomplished, when he/she earns the trust of the people. There is no big achievement other than that. Yes, awards and achievements also prove worth but are not valuable than people’s trust and belief. Dr Pavithran, a dermatologist in Kozhikode is such a doctor who proved his worth in the medical field and is one of the well-trusted doctors in Kozhikode.

Who is Dr Pavithran? Dr. Pavithran | Skin Specialist in Calicut

Dr Pavithran.K. is a successful physician based in Kozhikode. His core field is Dermatology. Dermatology is the branch of medicine dealing with th…

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