We are leaving in a busy life. Tensions and worries are part and parcel of our life. People without these feelings and emotions will be less. If you are waiting for your examination result, you will be tensed. If you are waiting for your wife’s delivery you will be tensed. If you have a workload in the office, you will be tensed. Hence, you will be tensed when you are facing some crunch situations in life. right? But what if this becomes serious? Anxiety is such a situation that can lead to huge issues. This article deals with anxiety and its details.

Anxiety and its Symptoms

Anxiety is an emotion including feelings of tensions and worries. In normal cases, it does not require treatment. But if anxiety leads to certain health issues like high blood pressure, treatment is mandatory. Anxiety varies in people. If you are a person with good capability and fitness, anxiety will not be that serious. But, if you are a person with less capability and fitness, anxiety may lead to several health issues. The symptoms of an anxiety disorder include uncontrollable feelings of worry, concentration difficulties, sleep difficulties, restlessness, and huge irritation. If you find any of these symptoms, immediately meet a doctor before it turns into serious health issues. Doctors in Kozhikode provide successful treatment for anxiety.


There are many causes for anxiety and the major are listed below

  • Genetics: If any of your family members have this issue, you too may be prone to it.
  • Burdens in work, problems in relation, family issues, etc. may lead to anxiety.
  • Mismatching of hormones in the brain is another reason for anxiety.
  • If you are a victim of any disease, this may also trigger tension and in turn, may lead to anxiety.
  • Other medical factors like the stress of intensive surgery, the effects of medication, etc. may lead to anxiety.


The major treatments for anxiety are given below

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  • Counselling: If you are too anxious, counselling may help you. The counselling practitioner will try to eradicate all the negative feelings and thoughts in you and will motivate you. This may help you to be always positive minded and confident. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is one of the important methods of counselling.
  • Medications: Some medicines can also help in serious anxiety issues. Antidepressants, Benzodiazepines, Tricyclics, and Beta-Blockers are important medicines used for this purpose. Also remember, these medicines have some side effects. So always use it in a controlled manner.

Natural Remedies

If your anxiety is not too serious, natural remedies may provide a good result for you. But for serious anxiety issues, this may not help. Natural remedies include regular exercise, yoga practices, deep-breathing exercise, meditation, good sleep time table, and eating good and fresh diet (Eat food rich with carbohydrates, have fruits and vegetables, proteins and reduce sugary, salty, and oily foods). It is also good to reduce fruit juice, regular soda, diet soda, toast, ketchup, coffee, energy drinks, soy sauce, and processed foods. Quitting smoking and reducing alcohol consumption is also good. Talking to people who support and motivate you is another way of being confident and happy. Family and friends are good options for this. All these activities may earn you positive energy and good confidence which will keep you away from anxiety.

Gain confidence and defend anxiety. This is the best way to control negative feelings and tensions in you. Anxiety is such an emotion that may completely destroy your happiness. So no need to be tensed even for small matters. The main issue with our people is that they will elaborate a small problem into a large one and will simply become tensed ultimately leading to anxiety. If anxiety issues are serious, proceed with the treatments mentioned above. Remember “anxiety is the dizziness of freedom”. So always stay away from anxiety.

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