Life began in the water. There will be nothing on the earth if no such a magical compound called water exist. That’s why we search for the possibility of life on other planets by searching for water. We cannot imagine life without water. 71 per cent of our earth’s surface is covered with water, that tells louder the importance of this blue compound for living things.

According to the ancient Indian medical science, Water is the Universal Medicine. And now, water is the only compound in the earth that has been given a universal status by WHO(World Health Organisation).

As considered to human beings, 60 per cent of our body consumes water and of course, our blood is 90 per cent of the same. Even though there is no such universally accepted quantity of water to consume daily, it is always better to drink more water in the day time compared to night.  The main point always a doctor says is “stay hydrated and stay healthy”.

Here are some benefits of H2O. This is why we should drink water!

Weight Management & Digestion

Different studies and researches showcased that consuming eight glasses of water daily with a healthy diet can reduce your weight. Drinking water before food prevents overeating by minimizing hunger. And it will reduce the risks of indigestion, constipation and acidity in the stomach.

Boosts Skin Health and Beauty

As the largest organ in the human body, the skin needs hydration to function. Dehydration causes skin more vulnerable to wrinkles, skin disorders, dryness and dark eye circles etc.

In a hydrated body, skin gets sufficient water to function. It helps to moisturize the skin and reduce the chances of skin disorders and wrinkles. And you will look beautiful and charming in your soft skin.

Delivers Oxygen throughout the Body & Improves Brain Function

We know, a human body consumes 60% water and 90% of this is blood. The blood circulation in the body delivers oxygen to every part including the brain. Water in the blood helps blood vessels to expand and a sufficient amount of oxygen keeps organs to function normal and healthy.

Dehydration in the body brings abnormal structure in the brain, hence the production of hormones and neurotransmitters are affected badly. When the supply of oxygen to the brain decreases, slower the brain function and you can see your energy level decreases. Water can influence brain power and drinking it helps you focus, think, concentrate and energetic all the time. So stay hydrated and never allow your brain down.

Flush Out Harmful Body Toxins and Cleansing Body

You must have heard about kidney stones. Or you may have experienced it. This kidney stone is the after effect of dehydration. Our body flushes out waste through sweat and urination. Drinking water smoothens the process of flushing the harmful toxins out of the body. This prevents kidney stones and protects from urinary tract infections.

Our kidneys filter around 120 to 150 quarts of fluid every day. 1 to 2 quarts of these are flushed out in the form of urine. Dehydration and lack of water in the body cause kidney stones and other health issues. Drinking sufficient water helps to cleanse the body.

Boost Your Immune System

One of the most important benefits of drinking water is to have a strong immune system. Seasons and climates are changing. And it brings different types of viruses and diseases. Drinking enough water and the best functioning organs creates strong immunity power. This immunity power decides whether we are strong or not.

Water strengthens the immune system by

  • Delivering oxygen every part of the body
  • Flushing out the harmful body toxins

Improves Heart Health & Prevent Kidney Damage

Heart is a crucial part of our body that pumps purified blood regularly and hence we say “alive”. Vessels in the body delivers oxygen to every organ to function properly. Research has shown a direct link between heart disease and water consumption. Means life is linked to water. Drink water and stay healthy.

Prevents Headaches, Backaches, Cramps and Sprains

Our brain consisting of 73% water. Insufficient water lowers brain power and hence brings a headache. Dehydration can ensure you tiredness, irritability, high temperature, Backaches, Cramps and Sprains.

Backache is invited by dehydration in the central nucleus of each disc in the vertebrae. Cramps and Sprains are also happening because of dehydration. water acts as a natural lubricant between muscles and joints. A decrement in water reduces flexibility and hence increases the chance of cramps and sprains.

Maintains the Body Temperature & Blood Pressure

One of the most verified benefits of water is that it maintains body temperature. Water is very essential for perspiration and to regulate body temperature. Also, it can control blood pressure in such a way that helps the brain to free from stress by providing enough oxygen to function. So, you can get more concentration, focus and thinking ability too.

As water everywhere around the globe, water is important to our health as well. Drinking water can resist around 80% of health issues. Let’s understand the importance of water and keep it for the next generation too. Drink water and stay healthy. Anyway, we can conclude by remembering a fact-

“ World War III will be fought over water”.

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